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get kids to drink more water

1- Don’t go cold turkey!

If your house’s main beverages are juice and fizzy drinks, then throwing them all out overnight will feel harsh and unjust to your kids, making water an even harder sell.  Gradually dilute the juice with increasing amounts of water over a couple of weeks and buy the fizzy drinks less often until it is normal to not have them around.

2- Keep water and milk in the house.

Fizzy drinks are welcome on occasion, but if they are offered alongside water and milk on a daily basis, you child will likely snub the water and milk every time.


 3- Water first

When you do have fizzy drink or juice, requiring your child to drink a cup of water before will take up room in their little bellies so it will feel uncomfortable to drink too much.


4- Water after

Once they’ve had a portion of juice or fizzy drink, it’s back to water.


5- Make it fun.

Bring in a new cup every now and then.  Not only is getting a new cup fun and they will be more likely to drink out of it, but you can make it into a game.  “See if you can drink to George’s dinosaur!”


6- Be a good role model.  

It isn’t fair to them to make them drink the “boring” drinks while you get the “fun” drinks.  


7- Talk to them.  

Tell them all the great things water does in the body.  For very young children, keep the message simple- water helps you feel more awake, keeps your body from getting sick, makes sure you don’t get too hot…


8- Go fancy-pants.  

Why should spas have all the fun?  Throw in orange, lemon, or cucumber slices to gently flavor the water.  

9- Be consistent.  

When switching from fizzy drinks and juice to water, there will be much protesting in the land.  If you are consistent, they won’t go on a thirst strike forever.  Weather the week of whines and on the other end you’ll feel a thrill of victory when you see them drink a cup of water.

10- Eat your juice.  

If your child is going on and on about wanting juice, hand them an orange (or apple, or bowl of grapes).  Fruit is hydrating, and while it is sweet, it still carries the fiber so their little bodies won’t have the sugar spikes and crashes


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