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Why, hello…

In a past life, I was Sarah Arnstein, MS, RDN, CDE, and worked in Los Angeles (pop 3.9 million) for 10 years as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  I have since happily traded my name, address, and occupation.  I am now Sarah Curry and live in a village (pop 2,000) in Northern Ireland with my husband & toddler who serve as my guinea pigs for recipe testing and baby boy who will, too, once he gets teeth.

Who do you think you are?

From  culinary standpoint- nobody.  I am just an avid eater.

From a nutrition standpoint –  I am a Master of the Nutrition Sciences!  Haha.  Well, actually… technically, I really am.  While doing said master’s degree,  I worked in the foods lab at Indiana University teaching food science and nutrition to undergraduates as well as running a cooking class for mentally disabled teens.  After a move to California, I worked as an adjunct professor in nutrition as well as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in the ICU and diabetes units at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center.  After that, I moved to outpatient care as a Certified Diabetes Educator specializing in medical nutrition therapy for Diabetes (T1, T2, and gestational) and gastrointestinal disorders from Celiac Disease to IBS.  After a decade working in nutrition, I can say this- the field is still finding it’s feet.  Fads come and go, but fruits and veggies will always be good for you.

Why put another food blog out there?

While I am thankful I have the privilege of staying home with my kids, should I ever need to return to work, this blog will keep me relevant with nutrition research, will keep me strategizing on how to bring together our busy lifestyles with healthy eating, and will keep me honest- I like cookies and traybakes just as much as the next guy.  Oreos?  Give them to me by the SLEEVE.

I don’t have it all figured out.  In fact, you know how back in the day they had recipe circles? I would love for Dishin It Out to develop into a modern-day recipe/meal planning circle where we all learn from each other.  Please, if you have a better way of doing something, suggest it in the comments section. I want to know, and other readers will want to, as well.

What’s with all the dairy-free, gluten-free recipes?

I actually love dairy and gluten, so that’s a good question.  There are a few reasons…

1- I am dairy-free, though reluctantly so.  My 5 month old son spits to no end when I have dairy.  To be honest, I feel much, much better since I’ve had to go dairy free as it has forced me to cut down on my faves- ice cream, cookies, brownies- let’s be honest, any combo of butter and sugar.  Once homeboy is weaned, I will probably only add yogurt and small amounts of milk back in.  I know- that’s how good I feel.

2- Since being restricted, I have realized that food allergies are the pits.  They exclude you from a lot.  So the allergy-friendly is more about including my afflicted friends in the food fun and less about feeling GF or DF makes for a superior diet.

3-  It has taught me to be a more imaginative cook.  I didn’t realize how much I relied on cheese, milk, and wheat-products until I couldn’t have them.  I’m getting friendly with cashew cream and brown rice pasta and loving it.

I have a recipe you might like- how do I let you know?

I would LOVE to share any recipes you guys have, too- just be sure it is healthy…ish.  You can post it on instagram and tag it with @sarahdishinit #dishmyrecipe in the comments so I can find it.  I’ll give it a test at home, and if I think it would be helpful for other readers, I will repost (giving you full credit, of course).

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