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I call this the Real Deal Mediterranean Salad because the first words my taste tester who just returned from a 2-year stay in Jerusalem said was “That’s the real deal!”  Actually, to be honest, his first words were “That is fantastic.”  THEN he made the real deal comment.  I was trying to be humble, but let’s be honest – when you have a winner, you have a winner.  KIDDING…but only kind of.

The typical FODMAP containing ingredients in this type of salad are garlic and red onion.  We sidestep the garlic by adding garlic infused oil, and the red onion I simply omitted.  Normally, when you take out a strong flavor – such as onions – it’s best not to try to find something that tastes just like the discarded ingredient so much as you want to try to add a different strong flavor- (think capers, anchovies, etc).   This time I omitted the strong red onion flavor altogether to let the olives to their thing.  Not as tart as traditionally done, but I think it really let the playfulness of the herbs, and subtle sweet of the bell pepper shine through.   And, yes – I said “playfulness of the herbs.”  I hear you mocking.  Just try the recipe…

Mise en place

Mise en place

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PRESERVED.  LEMONS.  I am putting them in EVER-EE-THING.  I bought my first jar in Trader Joes when I was still living in LA.  I have to admit- it was because the jar was pretty.  The fun flowy font against a backdrop of sunny lines of layered lemon slices- At $1.99, you would have made the same impulse buy.  I brought them home, put them in my pantry, and got scared.

Yes, I was afraid of my jar of preserved lemons.

What ARE they?  How do I used them?  The rind is in there, do I eat that?  Lemons are already lemony- won’t preserving them being too strong?

Heaven knows why I didn’t just take the darn jar out and try them, or if I was that big of a chicken (btw- they taste LOVELY with chicken) why I didn’t Google them, but in my pantry they sat.

And sat, and sat, and sat.

In fact, they sat in there so long that I ended tossing them in with my measuring cups and whisks and sent them to Ireland in my shipping container.  Finally, one night 3 months ago, filled with bravado, I opened the jar.  Friends and family, I haven’t looked BACK.

I will answer for you all the questions I asked…

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I wanted to give a preemptive nod to radish season with this recipe.  Why so early?  A- Because I love radishes and this is my blog so I totally get to, and B- because they are starting to brighten up the produce section already with their deep, saturated pinky pops.   The chill and crunch make this the perfect side to your bbq burgers…

Southwest Chickpea Salad-1

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