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For all those who were at Fit for Life, I thought doing a follow-up post might be a helpful supplement to the 5 minutes I get with you on Thursday nights.  For an overview of healthy eating, read this article.

Thursday night I emphasized eating more vegetables.  We really only had time to see what you normally eat vs what your plate should actually look like,which is this…

Healthy Plate


But here is a look at what setting up your plate this way does for you…

4 compelling reasons you should eat more vegetables

1- To keep your gut healthy

A healthy gut isn’t just important for bathroom-related reasons.  Did you know that 70% of your immune system is in your GUT?  I know, right?!  One of the essentials of a healthy gut is maintaining good bacteria.  The good bacteria’s favorite food?  Fiber.  Whether it comes from vegetables or fruit or whole grains, your gut will be it’s healthiest when it gets the fiber it needs.  Your target is 25-30 grams a day, but no need to keep tally of your fiber grams if you are eating vegetables for half of your lunch and dinner.

2-  To keep your heart healthy

Fiber not only feeds your good bacteria, but it keeps your cholesterol where it should be as well.  Go natural, though- foods fortified with fiber typically don’t do you much good.  Fiber also helps your body fight against inflammation which can cause damage to your blood vessels and muscle tissue (read that: your heart).

3- To cut down on calories without cutting down on food.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that the second you have to start cutting back on food is the second you can’t stop thinking about food. Vegetables are naturally nutrient dense, but low in calories.  It’s a win-win situation.  Don’t go overboard, though, in efforts to cut your calories.  Starchy carbs and fruits keep your energy levels up throughout the day.  They also prevent bouts of hanger resulting from low blood sugars.  Protein is necessary to keep you full between meals, as well as for a proper functioning body.  Everything from healthy skin to your body’s detoxification systems rely on protein.  A quarter of your plate each for carbs and protein should give you what you need.

4-  To prevent lots of scary stuff.

The nutrition label focuses a lot on carbs, proteins, and fats, but the truth is, those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to nutrients your body needs to function properly.  Vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals are crucial.  Think of all the things that can go wrong when you don’t get enough…  low Ca? Osteoporosis, low Vitamin D? Depression, low iron? weakness/fatigue, low Vitamin C? Inability to heal, scurvy, low Vitamin A?  loss of eyesight.  Low on phytonutrients?  More vulnerable to illness  and inflammation.
In short- EAT YER GREENS!  Veggies should be half of what you eat at lunch AND dinner.  If you can hit that target, the rest will usually fall into place.  

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this article has great info on nutrition for parkinson's disease!PARKINSON’S DISEASE

One in 500 people in the UK are affected by Parkinson’s disease.  Symptoms usually crop up after age 50 and can slowly or quickly progress to the point where people with Parkinson’s need help with routine tasks.  This post is to help people caring for people with Parkinson’s understand what, from a nutritional standpoint, are issues in Parkinson’s and what can be done. Continue Reading →

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how to stop sugar cravings | dishinit.co.uk

Normally I don’t advocate for dramatically cutting down on particular foods.  But sugar?  Sugar just seems to be a different beast.  First of all, we don’t need refined sugar.  Your body would get absolutely everything it needed if you cut it out completely. Another thing about sugar is that, we feel as though we need a little something something every day forgetting treats are meant to be just that- treats.  By definition a treat is something out of the norm.  If you are having trouble calming your sweet indulgences down to just an occasional thing, here are 5 tips that can help you stop sugar cravings that throw off your desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Continue Reading →

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best cleansesHelloooooooooooooooooooo, summer!

Summer is here and I thought we should kick it off with a cleanse so we can enter vacation mode pure and energized.  I have chosen six cleanses based on the latest scientific research that will bring you dramatic results…


This is an amazing cleanse which targets the blood.  The blood filters through the kidneys which remove toxins and excess water which you expel.  Best done multiple times a day for best results.  You can support the micturition cleanse by consuming water throughout the day.  Also known as: peeing.


The Egestion Cleanse is named for the last phase of this highly complex cleanse which completely eliminates toxins consumed.  The body goes through 5 phases which includes Digestion, Absorption, Fermentation, Mass Shift, then finally Egestion.  This cleanse should be done AT LEAST every other day for maximum results.  Consuming food and water throughout the day, as well as physically moving work together to assist this cleanse.  More commonly known as: pooing.


This cleanse rids the body of highly toxic gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argon, and other highly toxic gases.  The build up of such noxious gases leads to unimaginable injury to your body, so this is a crucial cleanse to consider.  It is important to know that this cleanse is a commitment – it cannot be done unless you do it all day long every day.  Health professionals also call this:  breathing.


The Macrophagic Activity Cleanse utilizes the lymphatic system, which is a multi-organ and tissue system.  Macrophages along with cytokines and antibodies are activated upon toxin discovery for maximum attack.  Sometimes referred to as:  the immune system.


In this cleanse, toxins are conjugated via tranferases so they may be transported for modification and excretion.  Equipement needed:  a working liver.  This is absolutely essential to the success of the cleanse.  Street slang:  the liver doing it’s thang.

Alright, folks- are you picking up on what I am not so subtly suggesting?  The body is continuously detoxing itself, and if it didn’t detox itself (or even started to do it inefficiently), you would know because you would literally be dying.
Now, for that $80 you were about to spend on a cleanse, feel free to redirect those funds.  You can make your checks payable to Sarah Curry…
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SPECTACULAR (1)Well, the health & wellness sector of the internet world blew up this week over the Biggest Loser study.  In case you missed it, researchers looked at contestants from Season 6 of the Biggest Loser.  They wanted to know how their resting metabolic rate (how many calories burned when at rest) changed in the years following the show.  Fourteen of the 16 show contestants participated.  In addition to resting metabolic rate, the scientists also tested leptin levels.  (Leptin is a hormone that tells the brain when you are full-  high leptin means you feel full, low leptin means you feel like you are starving.  Got it?  That will be important later.)  The researchers tested all this before the show, at the finale, and 6 years after.  What they found was pretty shocking- aaaaaaand not shocking all at the same time. Continue Reading →

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