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THE DISHLIST (a monthly compendium of food-related greatness)- 8.1.15

Happy New Year, y’all!

I’m starting with the best- not just of this list, but of any article on food/nutrition that I’ve read this year (calendar year- not just the last week, ya smart alec).  It is longer, but worth the read.  In it, Bee Wilson  gives brilliant insight into what healthy eating actually means and what takes us there.

No diet, no detox: how to relearn the art of eating by Bee Wilson

In Defence of Food is a program based off of the book (also In Defence of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto)by Michael Pollan.  The book was huge in helping me put into more concise terms for my patients how to get to a healthier place… Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.  We would start with that, and during our sessions unpack each phrase in relation to where they stood with food.  If you are a reader, get the book!  If you are not a reader (or like me, are too much of a reader and already have five books going) watch this show – it’s a perfect summary.

In Defence of Food on PBS or get the book…


Good news, folks!  Buckwheat might be the answer to the steel-cut-oats-shaped hole in my life since moving to Northern Ireland.  Here is hoping!  I tried the recipe in the article and didn’t love it but could see potential, so I’ve been experimenting like crazy with the grain.  Should be posting soon what I’ve found that works.

Bye Oatmeal:  You Should be Making Buckwheat Porridge for Breakfast

Another good article from Bon Apetit magazine.  If you’ve ever been dismayed by a tasteless result from trying your hand at healthier cooking, this article will show you what you likely did wrong and how to fix it.

‘It’s Just a Bunch of Salads’ and Other Healthy-Cooking Common Mistakes

Oh, and this cutting board…if anyone wants to buy it for me, you can be my guest…



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How To Really Eat Healthy- It's not what you think! | dishinit.co.uk

If you are reading this, you likely have some interest in health and wellness.  You poor, poor soul.  

You are unwittingly taking on the challenge of becoming scientist, detective, and lie-detector – working to discern what is actually helpful amongst the rubbish healthy eating facts hurled at you from the internet, chiropractors, health food stores, personal trainers, doctors, late night radio, and your next door neighbor.  One says paleo, another says low fat.  One says count calories, another says count carbs.  One says eat every two hours, another says fast every two days.  Each opinion just as dogmatic as the next contradictory one.  If you are driven to stress eat a bag of Percy Pigs, I don’t blame you.

Good news, though – after studying nutrition up to the post-graduate level, I have come to this conclusion: eating well isn’t nearly as complicated as people make it out to be, and it certainly isn’t as restrictive.  So, put down your Sherlock hat and allow me to boil down all my hoity-toity education and years of work experience into five sweeping principles of eating well.

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moody mexican hot chocolate-6183

Mexican hot chocolate was the only solution.  You see, Thursday we went to the lighting of the Lisburn town center Christmas tree.  Those things are always 90% miserable and 5% fun.  I stood there, my toes turning to icicles inside my boots, bouncing my over-tired crying bundled baby with one arm and corralling my also over-tired bundled toddler with the other, muttering empty promises that things would start in just a few minutes.  It was miserable to be sure, but the lights, the music, the men on stilts, and 50-foot inflatable snowman are now imbedded in Thing One’s little memory forever, so I suppose it was worth it.  But for real – it was wet, freezing and we were miserable by the time everything was over.

Ever-the-Ulsterman, my husband turned to a chippy for a warm up, but all I could only think of Mexican hot chocolate for solace.  Hot, creamy, sweet and fiery – therapy in a mug.  We came home and I immediately started throwing ingredients in a saucepan.  My initial concoction was decent-ish and warmed me up for the time, but I was dissatisfied and began an obsessive quest for the perfect hot chocolate.  You may call it a binge, I prefer the term “research”.

Now, I am making no claims to authenticity with this recipe.  I sheepishly acknowledge that most southern Californians feel like we have a much more genuine understanding of Mexican culture than we really do.  This sentiment is less based on the fact that we ourselves have any Mexican roots and more on the fact that our landscape bears Hispanic names such as La Cañada, Cesar Chavez Avenue, and Santa Monica.  Our dogma of the best taco taco truck in the valley is merely preference and opinion rather than informed palette.  Authenticity aside – it is hot, it is chocolatey, it is creamy, and it has a lovely slow burn.  It is also dairy-free.  So drink up, dairy-allergy sufferers!

Being the dietitian I am, I do have to say that there is nothing healthy about this.  I have heard people drone on about the antioxidants of the chocolate and cayenne, etc, etc.  That may be true, but it’s also loaded with unhealthy fats and sugar – hardly an explosion of health benefits.  So, do NOT have this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…unless you are trying to nail the perfect recipe.  But I’ve already done that for you, so back to moderation you go. Continue Reading →

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